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Estate Cleanout

Estate cleanout taylorsville, KY

When a loved one passes away, a family is often left with a lot to take care of over the following months. One task that can take considerable effort is removing every item that can’t be kept from the home and doing something with it all. Our team has experience working with families whose loved ones have recently passed and take great care in providing a professional, friendly, and respectful experience throughout each project. 

We understand that the home and belongings of your loved one may carry some level of attachment and should be treated with respect. In many cases , we have found items that a family may have overlooked while sorting through, and have saved valuable family keepsakes and heirlooms from being lost. You can trust that when you hire Mattingly Junk Hauling for your estate cleanout, you are hiring an honest family business who will treat your family member’s estate with the respect it deserves.

How We Do It

Our process starts with a thorough walk through of the property. Prior to removing anything, we will be getting confirmation from you as to what goes and what, if anything, stays. With attention to detail, we remove and haul away only the items you need gone. At this point, we get started hauling out larger items, using extra caution while moving through the home. We will move on to smaller items and whatever else is left. Lastly, we will take a final walk through with our customer, ensuring we got everything taken care of. Our team will work until the entire job is complete and you are satisfied!

If you need help with estate planning or need information on how to hire contractors for an estate, visit any of these top quality local legal groups!

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