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Junk Removal Bardstown, KY

Bardstown, KY bourbon barrels

Mattingly Junk Hauling offers professional junk removal services in the Bardstown area and all across Nelson County. We are here to meet your junk removal needs whether you need one item removed or an entire property cleaned out! The Bardstown area is a beautiful place to work, filled with great people! If you are looking for junk removal Bardstown KY, you found the right crew!

Junk Removal In Your Community

Bardstown is a place with a lot of history, and has been named one of the most beautiful small towns in America. We are proud to offer junk removal Bardstown KY, helping to keep the area junk free! Over the years, Bardstown has experienced quite a bit of growth, and with it, a need for professional services such as ours. Mattingly Junk Hauling fits right in with our sense of small business pride, friendliness, and eagerness to do good work. We hope to continue keeping Bardstown junk free!

Check out some of the awesome small businesses right here in Bardstown!

Bardstown is full of businesses from the largest bourbon distilleries in the world, to mom and pop restaurants and shops. Every business and commercial property represents Bardstown. That is why we take our responsibility seriously as a provider of commercial junk removal services. We know that you as a business owner or property manager don’t have time for anything less than excellent service when it comes to keeping your property clear of unwanted junk. Our team shows up on time, professionally dressed, friendly, and ready to work without causing a disturbance to your place of business.

Bardstown homes range from small townhomes to large estates and farms. Wherever you live, at some point, you will need to de-clutter! Whether you need help getting rid of an old appliance, cleaning up the estate of a loved one, or cleaning out an old barn, which this area has so many of, our team has you covered. We know your time is valuable, so we show up when we say we will. You are paying good money for this service, so we don’t leave until we talk to you and ensure the job is done correctly. And most importantly, our customers trust us to come into their home and provide a service. That is why it’s so important to us that our team is friendly, clean and respectful of you and your property.

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