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Hoarding Clean up Services

Hoarding clean up Louisville KY

People with hoarding disorder suffer from a mental health condition that makes it difficult or impossible to part with items, even trash. This can lead to health & safety threats to anyone living in the home or even nearby. When a hoarder or their family choose to ask for help, an important step is to clean the home out and start fresh. The Mattingly Junk Hauling crew has the experience & training necessary to offer hoarding clean up services. We know that these are often sensitive situations, and always do the best we can to accommodate our clients. Our team is friendly respectful, and considerate. We understand that it takes a lot just to reach out & take the first step of cleaning up.

How We Do It

The Mattingly Junk Hauling team is fully insured and uses the proper safety clothing and equipment for all the work we do. This type of cleanout work can be dangerous to attempt if you are not trained and experienced in doing so. Often times we are not sure what we will uncover, so we go into every job prepared and ready to tackle it! Whatever you heed removed from a home or property, we can handle. We work with social workers and family members to get the best possible result for the people affected. We offer in-person estimates as well as estimates over the phone, so you will always have the most accurate pricing figure we can offer. Let us know if we can help!

For assistance with Hoarding Disorder, check out The Kentucky Counseling Center.