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Shed Demo & Removal

shed removal Louisville, KY

When a backyard shed becomes structurally unsound, unattractive, or unsafe, It is sometimes best to have it torn down and replaced. Water damage, rot, and years of use can contribute to a shed’s weakening. Mattingly Junk Hauling is trained and experienced in shed demo & removal. We take time to assess your building’s structure and it’s surroundings, and create a plan for safe tear down and removal. We work quickly and efficiently to remove the old building, leaving a blank slate for you to bring in a new shed or just reclaim your backyard space. When a shed has reached the time to be torn down, Mattingly Junk Hauling is ready to get it done!

How We Do It

Sheds come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Some important factors to consider in your personalized estimate are square footage, material (wood, metal, plastic, etc.), and location. What type of floor does your shed have? A light weight wood floor attached to the building? A concrete floor? Or perhaps your shed has only a dirt floor. Wil electric need to be disconnected before demolition? These are all questions we typically ask in order to get you the most comprehensive, accurate price. Safety is key, so we strongly suggest homeowners seek the help of our experienced team to tackle these demolition projects. Sheds are often very heavy, full of nails & screws, and by the time they need to be removed, the structure may not be safe to handle without proper equipment and training. Mattingly Junk Hauling gets the job done quickly, affordably, and most importantly, safely!


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