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Storage Unit Cleanout

storage unit cleanout

Storage units are a great solution for additional storage space outside the home. Many people keep spare furniture, seasonal equipment, sports gear, or lawn equipment in their storage units. One problem that can arise is the accumulation of excess and unneeded junk. The out of sight – out of mind aspect of a storage unit can become costly as months and years worth of fees add up for items you haven’t used in years! We help storage space renters clear up room in their units or eliminate their storage fees altogether by hauling away unwanted items. We also work with owners and managers of storage facilities to haul away items from abandoned units, clearing up room for new, paying customers. Whichever situation you’re in, We can help with our storage unit cleanout services!

How We Do It

First, we need to know what type of cleanout we will be handling. Sometimes customers just want to clear up room in their storage unit by having unwanted items hauled away. In other cases, the entire unit needs to be cleared out. The simplest way to receive an accurate quote is to submit the approximate size of the storage unit, along with a description of the items to be removed. Pictures are always helpful to get you the best possible free estimate! Whatever your situation requires, you can expect prompt, friendly service from Mattingly Junk Hauling. We even sweep the unit clean once the job is complete!

Here are some ideas on how to save space in your storage unit!