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Furniture Removal

Classroom furniture removal elizabethtown, KY

Getting new furniture is always exciting, and can totally change the look and feel of your home. But what do you do with your trusty old couch that’s seen better days? How do you deal with a heavy desk or entertainment center that doesn’t stand as steady as it used to? Mattingly Junk Hauling has the training and experience to safely handle furniture removal large and small. We take the time to consider the best way to get large awkward items out of your home without causing damage. One thing that sets Mattingly Junk Hauling and our crew apart is that we treat your home and property as if it is our own, being sure to work with care and respect.

How We Do It

Much of the furniture we remove is beyond saving, but in many cases, it can be put to use! As a result of our goal to keep as much “junk” out of the landfills as possible, we donate a lot of gently used furniture. Our team has a keen eye for what is trash and what could be someone’s treasure. Often times, a customer is moving, downsizing, or just switching up their living space, and needs to get rid of their old furniture. As a result, we sometimes end up with decent furniture. Rather than throwing it away, Our team will lightly clean the pieces and find someone who can use them! Sometimes the furniture can not be salvaged. In this case, we make sure to properly handle and dispose of the pieces. Let us know how we can help!

For ideas on repurposing your old furniture, check out this article in Architectural Digest!

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