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Deck Demo & Removal

Deck demo and removal Bloomfield, Before
Deck demo and removal Bloomfield, after

If you enjoy hanging out outside and getting fresh air, a back deck can be like an extension of your living room, your outdoor kitchen, pool area, or just a place to sit and enjoy nature. After years of use and exposure to weather, a wooden deck will finally need to be replaced. Once boards start to rot, nails or screws start breaking off from rust, and railing starts coming loose, safety becomes a concern for many homeowners. Mattingly Junk Hauling is trained and experienced in deck demo and removal. We take time to assess the structure of your deck and it’s surroundings to create a plan for safe deck demolition and removal. We work quickly and efficiently to take down the old deck and get you ready for a brand new one to take it’s place!

How We Do It

Replacing a deck can be a lot of work! The demolition and removal process can be extremely time consuming and dangerous when done incorrectly. That is why our demo crew knows and uses the proper techniques to get the job done safely and quickly. We will be saving you a lot of time, and probably a sore back! Most decks take our crew less than a day to completely tear down and remove. We make sure to clean the area thoroughly as well as sweep for nails and screws that may have fallen out. For the most part, our demo technique limits nail and screw loss, and what does come lose, we make sure to clean up, leaving you with a blank slate and a clean yard!

If you are looking for a great local deck builder, Hunter’s Handyman Services does excellent work!