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Pool Removal

Pool removal Blomfield, KY

A pool is a great way to have fun and relax in the summer, but as they get older, they can begin to cost more to repair and maintain than they’re worth. After years of enjoyment, your pool has seen better days and needs to be disposed of. Our crew has training & experience moving, tearing apart, and hauling away above ground pools large and small, as well as the decks around them. Some things that factor into the price of removal are the location and size of the pool. We do the dirty work while you plan for your new pool, or make plans for what to do with your newly open space! Give us a call and let us know how we can help!


How We Do It

Every pool is a little bit different. Some factors that have an effect on your removal project are the size of the pool, location, and shape. Generally our pricing is based on square footage so it is important to have an accurate idea of the size in order to give an accurate quote. Our team takes the time to communicate to our customers in order to give the best possible results. We remove above ground pools of all shapes and sizes. We can even remove the deck around it if needed! Typically once our crew is set up and starts working, even a large pool can be taken down in a couple hours!


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